J.D. Alcala Bennett lives, serves, and writes in Spain.

JD currently serves with Tentmakers in Campo de Gibraltar, Spain.

J.D. Bennett

Support his work of sharing the Good News in Spain. Any tax-deductible donations may be sent to Tentmakers Bible Mission, P.O. Box 160, La Grange, WY 82221 USA. Designate the donation to “Andalucia Project”. 

J.D. Alcala Bennett is an author of JHouse Publishing Publishing.  His first book: The Walls of Spain was released in November, 2009. 

JHouse Publishing

The Walls of Spain by J.D. Alcala Bennett
The Walls of Spain by J.D. Alcala Bennett

3 thoughts on “J.D. Bennett

  1. J. D, It is Richard Hon. Sorry for lost contact for over three-years. It is sad that Lisa and victory that Lisa gone home w/ the LORD. I’m still here in Phoenix
    Give Dan and the family a big-hug from “Uncle Richard”
    My new e-mail is masteryodateacher@gmail.com

  2. Hi JD,
    I am trying to get in contact with your mother who is a distant cousin of mine (our grandmothers were sisters in San Julian, Jalisco, Mexico). Your grandfather (David) and my mom (Carmelita Ramirez Lozano) were first cousins and used to write letters to each other until their passing. My mom died 4-6-08 about a year after your grandfather. Anyway, I have a picture of your grandfather’s family and grandchildren that he sent us. You were about 12 or 13 in the picture because you are still shorter than your mom. It was dated 1999.
    Please let me know if there is some way to get in touch with Elizabeth. I live in the San Diego area.
    Janet Bertolucci Lozano Castanos

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