Agua Viva Evangelical Church is a new Evangelical church getting started in the heart of the Campo de Gibraltar region of Cadiz province, Spain. Our desire is to teach the whole Bible, book by book, week by week. We want to form a community of believers in Messiah who are living the abundant life that Jesus offers to those who would follow Him (Gospel of John 10:10).  

     Our goal is to equip Christ-followers to be thoroughly prepared for the service that God has appointed for them to accomplish. We hope to begin home fellowships, (besides weekend worship services in our ministry center in Los Barrios), around Campo de Gibraltar, leading our neighbors to worship the Most High in the language closest to their heart. Our plan is to offer International worship times in English, Spanish and other languages where the need presents itself. Are you looking for the right place to grow in faith? If you are an English speaker living in the Campo de Gibraltar region, don’t hesitate to contact us.    

Pastor J. D. Bennett

695 265 268

Evangelical Church Plant in Campo de Gibraltar


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