Good morning friends,

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1: 3-6

Oh! What a great God and merciful Savior we serve together! As we continue to celebrate and live out the victory of the Resurrection of Messiah, we want to write to you to thank you for you consistent prayers for our family. We have now surpassed 16,000 deputation road miles traveled since we began furlough in August. Our daughters have learned to adapt to living out of a suitcase and have slept in 26 states while being prayed for during many services.


5-year-old Sarah Ruth asks us where we are traveling to when we load her little pink suitcase in our ministry van. The count-down to our return to Spain, however, has begun, as we have begun saying some difficult goodbyes to loved ones. We know that before we realize it, we will be back in our familiar Sevilla Airport.

Please continue to pray for our family’s needs. We had the challenge of trying to double our support to that of the recommendation for a family of four in Western Europe, and also the challenge of raising funds for our new church plant in Los Barrios. Please pray for all the logistics of returning to Spain: Choosing what to pack, making connections, not forgetting things in California, transitioning into our temporary housing, finding long-term housing, moving into the new home, setting up utilities and phones. Once settled in our home, we will then be prayerfully seeking to rent a store-front to serve as our new church plant and ministry center in the unreached city of Los Barrios. We pray that the Lord will help us in each of these steps.

arrival in Spain

Prayer for our upcoming church-plant: Please pray for the residents of unreached town of Los Barrios and it’s surroundings, to have their hearts ready to come near to God.

Winter deputation tour. At the beginning of March, J.D. was able to do one last deputation trip, making stops and sharing about our upcoming church-plant in Los Barrios, Spain. JD’s tour stretched from Redlands, CA to St Louis, MO.


The House building Tentmakers In mid-March we embarked on a family mission trip with other families from Trinity, our sending church. Our 98 person strong mission team joined forces with Hands of Mercy to serve, witness to, and build homes for very needy families living in shelters east of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Our family served as the missionary translators, JD shared evening messages, and we worked along with other families in transporting, painting and building 3 homes from March 17-20th. Praise the Lord for the witness our team was able to have with the recipient family, Alejandro and Abigail Estrada, who were in tears as our build leaders Jay Fitzgerald and Pastor Bill Born presented the family with the keys to their new home, and family Bible and a solar-powered audio-Bible.


Our Transportation Needs Met. Some of you know that in January we knew we had upcoming needs to travel into Mexico, so we set out to find a car to buy, together with Sara’s sister, that we could leave with her when we return to Spain. The Lord directed us very graciously to a seller who was a mutual friend.  When we had questions for him, it turned out he was visiting at the same Super Bowl party as us, and it made our confidence in purchasing the car that much stronger.  The morning of Sarah’s grandma’s passing, JD had received the new license plate and registration for the car, and we were able to leave that very day to Mexico.

Since March, we have also had a plethora of ministry and speaking opportunities around Southern California. We have been very blessed and humbled by all the churches and friends who have encouraged and welcomed us and also begun to pray for our upcoming ministry in Los Barrios, Spain. This April we were given the opportunity to stay and minister for 19 days in San Diego, CA. As we had churches, friends, family in the area, each day in San Diego was very full with sharing our vision for Spain with friends new and old. Missionaries of the week with Dr. David Jeremiah April 2 (20.16min)

Looking back at this deputation-furlough is bitter-sweet. It is a furlough that is re-repeatable for a number of reasons. We know many people we visited are getting up in years and sick. We you leave a country for 4 years, things you left are sure to be different when you return. Next furlough our daughters will be too big to make all the trips that we made, they’ll need to be in school by then.

We also can smile, feeling accomplished for having out performed our own expectations for number of meetings and visits. No, it hasn’t been a restful sabbatical, but we were given an extra dose of grace from on High to give us the endurance to visit many, many friends and congregations around North America.

We thank you for your support. We covet your prayers.

All our love,

J.D. for the family


  1. For our young family as we move back overseas.
  2. For our providence in finding a place to live in Los Barrios.
  3. For our needs to be met regarding moving, settling, and church-planting expenses.
  4. For our marriage, spiritual and emotional health to be covered in prayer as we embark on this spiritual battle to raise the banner of Christ in Los Barrios.

If you would like help us fulfill the great commission when we return to Spain (Romans 15:24), you can send any tax-deductable support for this new work to:

Tentmakers Bible Mission “Andalucia Project” 

PO Box 160, LaGrange, WY 82221

Please write Andalucia Project on the memo line of the checks.

Online Giving to our ministry needs, called Andalucía Project.

Click on: 

and select Andalucía Project

Follow our bilingual Facebook page: AGUA VIVA CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR


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