Redlands, CA, USA

Dear friends,

Well, we lived to tell about our coast-to-coast furlough tour. We took our babies on a van ride through 22 states of the Union, visiting family, supporters and churches. We knew that the task was daunting, what amazed us was just how gracious the Lord and our hosts were to us during each stop.

Each stop held a special blessing for us, as we were encouraged, engaged and motivated by the dear ones we visited with, confirming to us again and again how God is with us as we embark on a new church plant in the unreached city of Los Barrios, in the Campo de Gibraltar region of Andalucia.

Our New home: El Campo de Gibraltar
Proxima apertura evangelica: Agua Viva Campo de Gibraltar

Besides visiting those who have followed our ministry closely and prayed for us all these years, we also made new friends along the way, which was a very special element of the trip.

Deep Roots: Speaking at Faith Bible Church

On the Sunday that we pulled into town, November 13th, JD got to give his Great Commission Sermon, that has been his message for churches and supporters on this trip, at Faith Bible Church in San Bernardino, CA. It was a symbolic last stop as JD spent his childhood days there at San Bernardino Christian School, sponging up the good teaching on the Christians part in the Great Commission, so 28 years later, JD got to be the one teaching and exhorting the church to fully obey and participate in the Great Commission.

Listen to JD’s Great Commission Sermon here:

Don’t Forget the Second Half of the Great Comission.

Health concerns: This week we had more than one family medical emergency. This past week Sara’s grandma was found to have suffered a devastating stroke, that has left her in a coma. This woman meant so much to, not only Sara and her family, but also to me. Who knew that a 90 year old woman could be so busy on Skype and email. She has truly lived a remarkable life. In fact, the pastor in San Quintin told the audience of 250 that there has probably been no like her in that community, who has lived a life like hers, so fully devoted to Messiah. We now pray for Grandma in this new chapter, in which she survives in a coma, waiting to see the Most High who she has unabashedly loved her whole life.

So we learn from King Solomon how there is a time for everything, as he wrote in Ecclesiastes 3:1-11, there are days for celebrating joyfully and crossing the finish line, followed by days of stress and prayerful intercession. Therefore, we continue to live out this missionary calling by faith and not by sight.

Family Prayer: Our main prayer request for our remaining furlough time would be for us to have a time to truly rest. We understand how important it will be to be rejuvenated and ready to tackle a new church plant in a new location. This nation-wide trip was wonderful, but also taxing on us, and we haven’t slowed down since arriving in the U.S. So we ask prayer for us to be renewed and ready for the challenge of full time ministry every new day.


Again, Our family has been so moved by a debt of gratitude to all our friends, family and churches who provided us ways to share about the Andalucia Project across the U.S. We appreciate all you who opened your homes and churches to us and fattened us up along this trip. May the Lord richly repay all of you for your hospitality and generosity.

Serving with you,


If you would like help us fulfill the great commission when we return to Spain (Romans 15:24), you can send support for this new work to:

Tentmakers Bible Mission “Andalucia Project”

PO Box 160, LaGrange, WY 82221

Please write Andalucia Project on the memo line of the checks.

Online Giving to our ministry needs, called Andalucía Project.

Click on:

and select Andalucía Project


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