Phoenix, Arizona, USA. September 22nd

We were so blessed by the first leg of our trip to Phoenix. We visited our friend Richard Hon who lives there downtown.  He encouraged us, cooked a marvelous Chinese dinner for us, and equipped us with tools for our trip. Thursday morning Richard took us to China Town in Phoenix, it was better than Disneyland!

The girls having a ball at the Chinese Cultural Center


Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA September 24th

Bennett Travel update:
We experienced a “bump in the road” with some car trouble in New Mexico and we had to make some decisions and more importantly PRAY. On one hand we had the mechanic shop estimate we needed to spend a horrible amount of money in repairs (which sounded crazy) but on the other hand we would have to risk continue driving and risk a break-down or getting in an accident in the New Mexico desert.

God answers prayer in the morning…
Early this morning I decided it would be good to call our missionary supervisor in Spain, Frank Benoit, as he is from Albuquerque, where we were having car trouble yesterday. Frank just had to give me the number of one friend, Pastor James Zahn from Alameda Bible Church. This pastor took it on himself to drive over to the inn where we were staying and he taxied us around and got us to Go Ye Missionary Transportation Auto Garage!
“My God will supply all your needs according to his riches and glory.”
The mechanic there notice right away a bolt missing from front left axle, which he quickly replaced, then he proceeded to get to work fix the other problem we were dealing with. Then Pastor James drove 20 miles out of his way for us, to take us to a home he set up for us to stay at.

Getting a lift and a repair job at Go Ye Missionary Transportation

If that wasn’t enough. Go Ye Missionary Transport gave us a courtesy vehicle, which we are using for now, and Righteous Rides also contacted us that they have a van for us to pick up in Missouri.
Does God answer prayer still? Yes. We are a little overwhelmed by the help we received today from Pastor James Zahn and from Tom Coletta of GO YE Missionary Transportation.
God is good all the time…
Thank you all for you prayers everybody,
JD, Sara, Sarah Ruth & Abigail Mae Bennett


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