Kotel There was no room in the inn for the Jewish Messiah born in Bethlehem this year at CatC in Bethlehem. As angering and hilarious as it sounds, this Conference trumps reconcilation and a Christian response to the Israeli-Arab conflict, but astonishingly (or disappointingly) threw more anti-semitic wood on the fire, all conference long. This was not about bringing together Jews and Zionist Christians with Arabs, Arab Christians and Liberal Christians.    Sadly these post-evangelicals have gone the way of Tony Campolo and the like, sprinting their way into heresy and anti-semitism. After years in ministry I am certainly aware of Christians in ministry in the Arab world who have a soft spot for the Arab people. I do too. I have friends in the Arab culture too, but I don’t buy anymore that being Pro-Arab means you have to jump on the Anti-Israel train. How quickly that train will lead you against the clear, literal and historical interpretation and lead you into the heresy of covenant theology and replacement theology. 

May God bless those who bless Israel and may God curse all who curse Israel. 

I’m personally just so tired of anti-semitic Christians. It just leaves me sick. It’s just such a contradiction. If these people could spend more time reading their Bibles starting in Genesis and less time inviting terrorists to speak, maybe we could pray the Middle East into peace. Let’s see next year, if CatC can manage to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Christ at the Checkpoint


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