In 1993 I attended Bible Fellowship of Riverside for the first time and being twelve years old, I laughed when I heard the man giving the call to worship was named Charlie Brown. From 1994 until the time I went on the mission field, Charlie Brown was a reference to me of the victorious Christian. Talking of the Lord, living what he talked, and he showed an unparalleled consistency in his service at church. He surely understood that the Christian’s role is to persevere and persevere some more.


After I went overseas as a missionary, Charlie’s relationship to me changed from seeing him all the time: seeing him as the elder who would great me and ask about my life, from watching him year after year make every church event meaningful at Bridges/Bible Fellowship, to a written friendship. Charlie wrote devotions and calls to worship, which came in handy. We also corresponded. Sometimes if asked if I had had my daily devotions, I would thank God for Charlie Brown having emailed me a devotional, so that I could say “yes, I did.’ during accountability. Recently I saw he was the person who emailed me the most often out of anybody else. Today I received what may be the last email from his account. It was from his family.
Charlie lives in Heaven today. You’re a Good man, Charlie R. Brown.

In Lantern’s Light by Charlie R. Brown

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