A few months have passed so Sara and I thought it would be good moment to send out a little update on our family and ministry here in Spain.

In these past few months Abigail Mae has grown very much and it’s just not fair how fast she is growing before our eyes. Abby is a very big baby! She is now 6 months old and very sweet and maybe a bit spoiled too. In January, she had a long bout with Bronchiolitus, praise the Lord Abigail is much better now. She does seem to be very susceptible to congestion in her chest, so please pray for her as there are still some cold months ahead.


Sarah Ruth (almost 4 years old!) is making friends at her school and the daily routine has been good for us to develop friendships and be a testimony to the other parents who gather each day to drop-off and pick-up their children.  In December she also got new glasses, which was an exciting step for us: Her eye-sight has improved considerably since her sight was first checked almost 2 years ago. She now has a lower prescription (but still very high!). She still has to wear an eye-patch on her right eye for a few hours a day.


Also this winter, JD helped put together a children’s play about the Star of Bethlehem and over 150 came to the municipal auditorium to see the show. We also visited a local convalescent home twice, performing the show and taking gifts to the residents and staff there, on December 19th and on New Year’s Day. We’ve learned through experience that concerning yourself with others makes you think less about yourself. We’ve heard that all our lives, but I think it was getting through to us this last month.


JD just finished preaching a series through Micah and what great teachings this book gave us in Puebla. Micah show us that no matter a situation can look in your life, God always will have an open door for you to seek him. We can have confidence that He cares about all our troubles: Micah 7:7 “But as for me, I will look to the Lord, I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.” As we studied Micah, we saw members understanding the context and power of this book of prophecy and how to correctly apply Micah’s principles of what the Lord requires of them.  This Sunday I’ll preach the third message in a new series on Christology. Already our folks are excited to know more thoroughly what Scripture tells us about the person, role and work of Christ Jesus.

Sara continues coordinating Sunday School for the Puebla congregation and she leads a Ladies Meeting every Tuesday evening, which is going well studying the names of God. Her true job is keeping our household running, as she has two little girls vying for attention, not to mention…me (JD).


These last months we thank the Lord for all the people that He has brought into our lives. We have seen a healthy flow of new people attending our church: Some who come to visit the Puebla church and  begin attending all our activities right away, and others who we see every now and then on a Sunday morning, but the point is we see progress!  Our Sunday service is close to averaging 40 at this point, which is very encouraging for any evangelical church located in a small Spanish town. We pray that we can be a witness to all, by sharing the word, by making time for people, and sometimes just by being a listening ear.    _DSC0429 We want to thank you all for praying for us. The walls for ministry in Spain are great and being in a small town makes them seem even higher, so please pray for our months that remain in our term of service here in Puebla del Rio, for us to take advantage of every opportunity to bring glory to the Father.


We love hearing from you, so please don’t hesitate in writing to us!


All our love,

JD, Sara, Sarah Ruth & Abigail




Iglesia Evangelica la Puebla del Rio 2
Church painting day at Puebla del Rio Evangelical Church in Andalucia, Spain.


Paella en La Puebla del Rio



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