Well we did it. Another’s years Christmas program is in the books.

I have several feelings about how it went this year, but for now the positive. The shows went on, the audiences clapped and were all very excited to see children from their town participate. All who attended went home happy, having seen and heard a rounded Christmas message.

My final thoughts are: I am very happy that the children participating were treated seriously. I’m happy that the children took it seriously, and for many it was their first time acting on a stage and their first time participating in a church-related Christmas play. These kids learned to take feedback, how to speak on a stage (at least we tried and tried to teach them how.) and all had the experience of dressing in costume, learning their entrances and exits, learning their lines, and how to project while singing on a stage. I truly hope the rehearsals in the church and in the theatre will stay with these kids as a major life exeperience.

Another positive note was the love these children and our little production team got to give a local convalescent home. For Puebla Evangelical Church it was our 22nd visit to this convalescent home. I think it’s a very special tradition to be able to present an annual Christmas program to the residents and to be able to give some hope and cheer each year to these folks. Each year our church gives each resident and worker a little Christmas present. This year the big need for the non-profit home was shampoos, so each resident happily got their bottle. The kids performed and afterwards I gave a Gospel message and played two carols.

This year the play was performed entirely by cildren, which affected the quality of the acting, but my point here is that by going and showing love through theatre and carols, and giving presents certainly was a success, and that act overshadows all the technical difficulties.

As I’ve heard people say “I’m glad we did it and I’m glad it’s over.”


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