The Bed. A last minute opportunity.

So we have had an interesting sleeping situation since we moved to our new rental home last February. The house has been a great blessing to us, it definitely has exceeded what we were hoping to find as far as rentals, but… there was one funny little detail.

The bed.

On the first night that we actually slept there back in February, it was bad.  We couldn’t sleep well on it, it hurt Sara’s neck and my back, then lately, my neck and her back. We’ve made it work these last months by putting a big special mattress topper on top of the small bed, which looks a little absurd, because the topper was from our old bed which was so much bigger than the fairly small bed we have in our current bedroom.

So to kick off the new school year right, Sara & I went out to look for a mattress. Our daughter had fun too, running & dive-bombing on top of the beds in the stores.   Really, that would have been the high-light of this excursion if not for our conversation with a saleswoman. Well, it turned out that she remembered Sara from when we bought the mattress topper from her in 2012! She was plugging in some data of what size bed and model we were looking for, when she told us as the loud speaker was asking customers to exit as it was closing time, how that day a special clearance offer was ending, in which the store would give you a 199 Euro gift card if you bought this bed frame for 220 Euros on Clearance. What it meant was that the bed frame which is normally hundreds of dollars would cost us about 20 Euros if we put the gift card towards buying the mattress.  Sara and I looked at the bed model and color of the bed with the saleslady and we decided that it was definitely a bed that we could live with, so we went ahead and took the plunge and we bought our first bed.  We returned two days later to pick out the mattress and we were able to use the 199 Euro Gift card toward our new mattress!

We have been married 3 ½ years, and this is the first bed that we will have actually owned. For different couples there are different strokes, different milestones, but this was a good one for us.  We assembled the whole thing together and it was a fun teamwork project to make something we have both been thinking about for a long time (of course what could have taken two hours took two days with the help of Sarah Ruth, our construction forewoman).

Fufi posing with the birds.
Fufi posing with the birds.

Praise the Lord for being Jehovah-Jireh, The LORD He Provides. We should never doubt that He is watching over us.  The Hebrew word Dayenu means “it would have been enough.” but He always gives us more than we deserve 😉 Dayenu. -JD


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