English Action CampOur first English Action Camp was a wonderful success! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE ENGLISH ACTION CAMP POSSIBLE. We are indebted to all those who gave towards this outreach camp, aiding the participation of each Trinity member and also those who gave towards the scholarships for deserving Spanish young people.
We were forty people at our first annual English Action Camp. JD really can’t thank the Lord enough for bringing together his dream of doing an English/Theatre Camp here in Andalucía. We were making history, and having too much fun making it. Our Trinity counselors were a dream team, each coming ready to contribute in our daily theatre workshops, a big shout-out to Kim, Steve, Zach and Anaiah Simons, Jen Blanck, Rich, Cynthia, Rebekah and Brett Barker, Cassidy Brown, Vanessa Sevilla, Sara Polen, Emillie Helvey and David Christison, for their amazing performance and leadership. And the finished result wasn’t just great routines at the show for their parents and great God-given talents discovered, but authentic new friendships between us and these Andalusian teens and pre-teens. These friendships are a vital stepping-stone in the process of leading a Spaniard to saving faith. This year we accomplished that and more, sharing about our faith during meeting times and even through song and drama (with the campers enthusiastically joining in by the end of the week). We appreciate all of your prayers, love and financial support of our family and ministry. It is thanks to you that we can be part of what God is doing in Spain. JD English Action Camp ’14ENGLISH ACTION CAMPTHESE PIRATES WHO DON'T DO ANYTHING


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