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It’s fair time in Seville, Spain.  From where I live, you can see the fashion-determined, fair-going ladies all dressed up in their traditional Seville Fair flamenco dresses sweating at the bus stop or fanning themselves as they make their way to the fair in a donkey-drawn carriage.  After I cross the Seville Centennial Bridge today, I was wondering why there was this big traffic hold-up.  Turns out it another group of Fair-goers trying to take the freeway in a 1920’s automobile that didn’t exceed 50 kilometres per hour, so all the speed-demons in Sevilla were going nuts trying to get around the old “roadster”.

Last week I had all the Fair visit I needed.  As is the local custom at Fair time in Seville, there are many, many private parties occurring all at once at the fair, so if you’re well connected, you go all dressed up and get welcomed into all kinds of nice Casetas (tent-buildings) and you get to meet and greet and try what’s on the menu in the different Casetas. 

 In my case, what was on the menu was first a round of cured Manchego Cheese triangles (that I always, but ALWAYS serve at my Spain parties in the U.S.), typical bread “Pan de pueblo”, cured chorizo, olives, etc.

Then there was fried Calamari and assorted fish: Pescada, Bacalao and Adobo.  I didn’t have the stomach to try the blood-sausage in onions (those who know me, know that even though I’m allergic to shell-fish, there are also things I won’t try. Especially onions and onions with blood-pork sausage!)  Oh, but the best part was the Garden Snails in Sauce, or in Sevilla, simply: caracoles. Here is a video of me eating a snail and one of my friends saying, “No, you eat the shell too!”


        Actually, the best part was when my table didn’t get very many pieces of Adobo style fish.  That was something that I DID want to eat, and I got like 2 pieces.  So since I saw other folks getting up and getting drinks from other tables (Watch out for the Fair drink, it’s like Sprite but with lots of Jerez Sherry too) and others getting bread from another table, etc.  So I got up and tried to serve some of their Adobo Fish onto my plate, but got barked back to my table, and my friends with me were dying! These are friends who don’t even laugh too much, but it was that funny. They watched the whole thing and saw me get rejected trying to help myself to the fish platter.

Oh, and finally, the old folks were putting the young folks to shame on the dance floor!

 Happy Fair Ya’ll, and save some Adobo for me 😉



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