You welcomed me with the right hand of fellowship when I drove in to Coria and Puebla during Christmas of 2008. When I moved here in June you opened your house to me and insisted I come to you with anything I needed. One time after another I would drive to your house with any of my problems, if I needed to borrow a tool. If I needed your advice. When I was famously attacked by wasps at the park in Almensilla, I immediately call you before I thought of calling anyone else, and you and Joan took care of my bites and you drove me to the Pharmacy to get me an ointment. You were my accountability partner, going through the list you had made up to help me and others have the accountability that all Believers need. We’d meet in my little church attic apartment or at the Maestranza Café. We’d dig latrines for everybody to use during our dia de campo in the Dehesa  de Abajo. You always thought of bringing the right sports equipment to the beach to keep the youth busy. You always knew how to organize games and get everybody participating in the game, be it bochee-ball or kick-ball. Remember when we played frizbee golf at the parquet the Alamillo and we kept almost hitting people with the frizbees? Remember that great night you and I had in San Lucar de Barrameda with Pastor Pepe, listening to a mid-night Gospel Flenco concert with the sea-breeze. Is Heaven a little like that Dan? Remember how you’d always think of someone to invite last minute to go with us in the Blue Lightning? Or that last time I followed you in Blue Lightning from when you locked your house in Coria for the last time, gave the keys to your neighbor, and you drove off en route to Malaga and Sara and I followed you, and you put gasoline in your diesel engine, and you went in and asked the guy who worked there and he helped us dilute the gasoline long enough to get to the Niemayer’s house? That was the last time I saw you Dan, but my library is full of your books you let me take. Every corner of my house has a reminder of you. I’m sorry you left us so soon friend.  I’ll see around Dan, in the next life. Goodbye old friend.



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