My Strange Dreams in Election Season

October 18, 2012

All the continual election coverage on my Facebook homepage, from the newspapers, and news networks has me even dreaming about the elections! Last night I dreamt that I was working with Mike Huckabee. The Governor was in jeans and a blue shirt and I was helping him, along with some other men, in cleaning and maintenance  of classrooms in old church or temple in an old 1960’s building. I remember how it had the smell of an building that had to be fifty years old. We were working on something when another guy came in and I was shocked that he didn’t know who Mike Huckabee was, but Mike was just working hard on cleaning something. He was very down to earth in my dream.  Later on in my funny dream I also dreamt that my 6 month old daughter was also a Presidential candidate or some kind of candidate that was dressed up like a lady politician.  What is true to life is that my daughter is very popular and everyone goes crazy over my cute baby! So later my baby was doing well in the polls, but then someone else introduced a boy baby into the campaign, which was very concerning to my baby’s campaign, then I woke up this morning to Baby crying, and I said:

“What a trip.”


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