Nobody likes getting caught in a lie or a cover-up for a lie.  I remember getting caught in a lie when I was ten. My stomach was turning as other kids “testified” against what I had said. I remember feeling anger and wanting to lie to cover the other lie.  I think Jay carney, Jor Biden, and especially the President and Secretary of State know something about that as the truth hits the fan in the Congressional hearings.  I was overjoyed to hear Rep. Darrel Issa, chairman of the committee, getting to the bottom of the lies and cover ups and I laughed out loud when he said the State Department was in the process of “coming clean”.  I saw this coming since this last September 11th when I watched our consulate in Benghazi burning and Ambassador Steven’s corpse paraded through the street. I almost wonder if what I saw in Spain was less filtered than the way the worse offendersw in the U.S., like MSNBC and the NYT, who have tried to cover for the Obama Administration the best they know how.  I knew from minute one it was a terror attack.  I never believed it was for the YouTube video.  I saw the protests against our other embassies and  consulates in the Muslim world (I consider London and Paris the Muslim world now. I know those cities.) Who was going to believe that a coordinated commando style attack that even included an ambush at the consulate safe house to surprise those who fled, was a “spontaneous reaction to a You Tube Video that was over a year old?  Does Barack Hussein think the whole world is that dumb?   Did he think Congress would believe the steel and concrete lies he fed to Susan Rice and Jay Carney? This month Barack is going to have to answer to the American people.  He did worse than Richard Nixon, If we get Obama, Rice, or Clinton to testify, we could catch them lying under oath, which could end this Democratic tenure in the White House like the last Clinton.  How wonderful it would be if this Administration could come clean and admit it was all a lie.  I remember coming clean when I was ten years old.  It was a tough day, but people forgave me. Maybe this administration could try it?


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