We’ve become regulars at the Government Offices in Seville, indeed, we were there last week in the waiting room of the Office of Foreign Affairs when a riot broke out in Plaza de España! Some of the poor foreigners from Africa and South America thought they had left the violence back home, and were looking pretty scared as we saw smoke rising in the famous plaza, and we heard guns and explosives, and mounted police and riot police scrambling to stop the chaos! The screams of protesters terrified my five month old baby, who cried uncontrollably and left me pretty irritated.  Anyways, after the employees abandoned us in the waiting room for over an hour they finally came out after everything had settled down and eventually our ticket was called! Anyways, we had some difficulty in the meeting for Sara’s visa at first, with the silly guy showing how little he understood of our visas, which have been our obsession and practically full time job for seven years. He told us Sara was denied her missionary visa since she wasn’t a priest, which would mean every other missionary woman in Spain accidentally got a “priests visa” if this guy is to be taken seriously. We eventually got the official who had met with our FEREDE lawyer to come downstairs to our meeting and she apologized to us for all we have had to go through in this year of uncertainty, if front of employees who gave us a hard time! I was overjoyed when she described all the legal hurdles we had to go through and how she and our lawyer cleared it up, it showed comprehension of what the foreigner has to work through, and it was wonderful that the first person we were first assigned to got to listen in.  It was a nail-biter, but in the end it was a victory! On the way back to our car, Guardia Civil guarded all the entrancing to the building and National Police with their Paddy-wagon and horses were still clearing the plaza. It was a tough morning, but the most important part was the ending.Image


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