I just read a blog from a MOB team from my alma mater. It’s a team of about eight Cal Baptist students and alumni. It’s fun to hear them describe their mission trip to Spain vividly and joyfully a decade after I was one of them. The Walls of Spain is the diary of my summer spent in Spain doing my CBU Supervised Ministry. It was an incredible summer for me.  I had even been to Spain twice already on church missionary trips and each one was less than two weeks long.  What was even more life changing and exciting for me as junior at CBU was having all that time and all these social “ins” on that summer trip in 2002.  My sister, Lisa Leatherwood, was three years into her career as a missionary in Spain.  She and my brother-in-law Dan by that time had bought a house in a small Spanish town and it was a very run down medieval pueblo-house when they bought it.  Back then they were still in their twenties. So as home-owners, there were many ways for me to help them, as so many rooms in the house were “project rooms”.  Also, the church they were serving in Pamplona was having many upcoming events, like a drama and a chorale, so Lisa plugged me in to both. One top of this it was Running of the Bulls season in Pamplona, so I got a hefty immersion in Spanish culture! That was summer was exciting each day, I woke up very excited to see what Adonai would do. These days I’ve been away from Spain with visa problems since November third. At times like this, where I am more feeling more hardened to Spain and missions there, it’s good for me to take a breath and hear the joyful and inspired writings of those experiencing Spain for the first time. My daughter will be introduced into her new culture in less than two weeks, I both I’m more inspired and less expired in my view of living and serving Messiah in Spain.Image


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