Lisa Leatherwood with her mother, Elizabeth Alcala Bennett in Navarra, Spain in 2007

Verse 9 of Joshua is a verse that should make the Christian fearless! Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
We should never be frightened of what may befall us when we ARE obeying God. I still think about this idea of God being with us wherever we go, since, for one, I’m a missionary. My family talked of this principle when my sister, Lisa Leatherwood, was fighting for her life against cancer just over a year ago. God took her home in January 2011, but what comforted my family was knowing that Lisa was right with God, serving Him to the very end as a missionary. She and I lead the music together one last time in the church we started just 10 days before she reached Heaven. Lisa showed in her face and hands the effects the chemo-therapy and cancer were taking on her, but she found strength to go to church still, she was courageous, when others were terrified for her. Our neighbors and congregation couldn’t believe my sister’s courage and resilience. It made the rest of our complaints seem so petty! I believe the Lord gave my sister grace and courage to keep going, He carried her, to keep being a missionary and mother of five in Spain till her last day on earth. 600 Basques and Spaniards came to say goodbye to my sister, even locals who had been ugly and hostile to us a decade earlier, came tearful to the funeral. I can say with confidence that 500 unsaved Spaniards heard the Gospel. Lisa won the victory with her death. See when we’re courageous, God goes before us, and He takes the victory. In my family’s case it could have been called a defeat when my sister was diagnosed in 2010, but she didn’t let cancer mean a defeat, when she Knew God was with her to help her cross Jordan.


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