Many of you who follow my blog know me, and even if you don’t me, by reading the archives one gets a good idea of my life in this blog, since my tendency in public blogging is to write about my travels, my job, and my life events. So those you who know me may wonder why I haven’t written too much on our pregnancy and birth and parenthood.  Part of that is to not drive my lovely wife crazy by making all our intimate life details public. But more than that, having a baby gobbles up any non-necessary writing time I had. (duh!)

On March 23 I became a daddy and it was a pretty great feeling.  It is a life accomplishment that will always be a basic fact of my life or anyone’s life who has a child.

“Who was that masked man?” or “who is taking over who?”

 I was born certain day,

 graduated from college certain year,

then married certain year,

then the years your children are born,

and finally the year you die.  

Since I’m somewhat of a historian (I am published) I like to look at the years and decades of when things occurred. I’m all about dates and years. So if someone examines my life some day (out of tremendous boredom or prison punishment) they will see how I had all these life events from 2009-2012.  I worked with my publishers, the Prinjinskis on The Walls of Spain all of 2009.  So that would be on a biography chart:

JD Bennett:

First published, 2009.

Engaged 2010.

Married April 2011.

Lost my sibling 2011.

First child born March 2012. 

OK, this blog was suppose to be exciting, about the thrill of becoming a father.  (Believe me, I was thrilled!!) But now it’s more about major life events. My baby was my major life event. Ok, this blog stinks.  I drove across the Baja Peninsula and up into California today. That’s my excuse for this blog, I drove 8 hours today!

But here’s the point.  If I were in my bedroom with my wife and baby tonight, I wouldn’t be writing at all.  I would be holding my baby, dancing my baby up and down and singing to her to help her stop crying.  Then I’d be running to make her a bottle, measuring formula, warming it up, giving it to my baby (Who is very VERY cute!) Then I’d change her diaper, gets the wipes and cream, throw away the used diaper, repeat cycle. I guess that’s my point. Don’t forget rushing baby to my wife when she screams uncontrolably, sometimes mommy is the only one with the solution. I have now entered fatherhood.  I don’t regret it, nope, but that cute little daughter of mine has quickly conquested my time! If you saw how cute she is and how demanding my 50 day old baby is, you would understand.  It’s a whole new adventure, and my wife and I aren’t expecting sleep any time soon. 


One thought on “Now entering the Fatherhood Zone

  1. Love it JD! Miss you guys and we keep you in our prayers….your beautiful Sarita holds a place of honor on our refrigerator of fame! ….p.s….super smart hubby with “not drive my lovely wife crazy by making all our intimate life details public.” Shalom a todos los Bennets…incluyendole a tu madre.

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