Tonight I got to share with a hundred some dear people in Mexico that though I wished to celebrate Pesach tonight, I was very happy to be remember Good Friday with them, for indeed it was Pesach in Jerusalem, 32 AD, when Yeshua HaMachiach celebrated Pesach one last time on earth with his disciples before his betrayal and crucifixon that also occurred during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. So as we reflected on the night of the Lord’s Passover Sedar in that Upper room in Jerusalem, I shared a little about the Hagaddah and how The cup of the new covenant was certainly instated by the true High priest and king of Israel, Yeshua HaMachiach. It was a beautiful time remembering the blood of Messiah poured out for us, as described in Daniel and Isaiah 53. His body was broken and pierced just like the matzah, and after 3 cups, the hidden matzah was brought out after being discovered by the kids, this broken Matzah that resurrected after the three cups is Messiah, Jesus, risen victoriously from the grave. What a miracle it must have been to live the Passover with the Messiah! Those of us who have loved and longed for Messiah’s return will certainly eat it again with him as he reigns on Davids throne in Jerusalem, the eternal capitol of Israel.


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