Dear Friends,

Feb. 9, 2012


We have had a busy few days in Mexico since our last newsletter on Jan 19th.

We have since had more good news than bad news.

Jan 27th We moved out of the Trinity Missions House on Lisa Lane in Redlands.  We dropped off the keys, said goodbye to Pastor Alfredo, and drove from Redlands to San Diego to rendezvous with Sara’s brother Salomon and his wife Kristen. We had Salo’s car loaded to the max with everything that we had to take with us from the Mission’s house. After successfully packing all the essentials into Kristen’s car, the car that we were taking to Mexico, we dropped Salos’ car off with his mechanic, Alan. Then the 4 of us drove first to a couple office supply stores, then on into Mexico, passing Mexican customs, 3 tollbooths, and three military checkpoints. We went this whole way down the Baja peninsula tightly packed in with all our stuff all over us! At Ensenada we got out and met up with my father-in-law for lunch.  It was good to see him and he was happy to see all of us. After we finished lunch, the four of us piled back in and started on the stretch of highway 1 that isn’t a toll-road.  When we arrived hours later at my in-laws home, our nieces came screaming to greet us! At 10 and 6 years old, they are very enthusiastic girls! So the four weary travelers were given a king’s welcome in San Quintin!

Jan 28th The next day, Abril our niece was very excited to tell us how she’s on the basketball team at her elementary school.  So Salo & Kristen and I took Abril to shoot baskets at the Hospital, at the hoop where he and his sibling, including my wife, would play when they were kids! My father-in-law had also made the trip back down, and was doing Saturday surgeries in the missionary hospital.

Jan 29th That morning at church, my father in law gave the morning Sunday School class and later, during the service, Pastor Basilio called me up to share about our denied visa dilemma. I shared about how we had to leave Spain until the problem was resolved, and that in the meantime I would be helping Pastor Basilio.  After church, Sara talks to Alan about his Triqui perspectives class.  Alan invites me to attend that week.

Jan 30th  Triqui Perspectives class. Alan Lee picked me up at 5:30pm to take me to Instituto Biblico de Baja.  We have class from 6pm-10pm. We watched several videos on the Indigenous cultures of Oaxaca.  One video was on the diversity of Oaxaca, one was about reaching the Triqui people.  One video was a documentary on the religious syncretism that goes on the Triqui region. Dealt with worship of the rock, called San Juan Bautista. Alan called me up to share about being a missionary in Spain.  I got to share about missions in Spain, and the various languages spoken in Spain besides Spanish.

Jan 31 Triqui Perspectives class.  I shared more this class on my work in Spain, and drew maps of Spain in it’s relation to Africa & France & Portugal. I explained major differences between Spaniards and Mexicans, and explained how, many of them are an ethnic minority in Mexico, so also Spain has ethnic minorities like Gallegos, Gitanos, Vascos, and Catalans. The students asked some good questions and even some goofy questions.  One college age girl asked me if I knew any Gallego jokes, since these jokes have traveled from Spain all the way to Oaxaca. We watched more classes about the Triqui, Tarrhumara, and Mixteco Indians & studies on their language.  Watched testimonies, spoken by Triqui’s, of attacks on Triqui Protestants. Watched video of Triqui Language Evangelical hymns. Study on the importance of sharing the Gospel in their endemic language rather than Spanish.   I got a kicked out of listening to Alan speak Triqui to one of his Triqui students, 17-year-old Moises from Oaxaca.

Feb 1, Feb 1st, JD preached the Wednesday night at Sara’s parent’s church. The sermon was part of a series from 1 John.  The verses that fell to JD were 1 John 5: 1-8.  JD enjoyed sharing the important truths of this passage with the congregation in San Quintin.  The next night, Feb 2nd,  JD got to teach again, giving the Bible study to the church Praise team.  “JD was preaching to the choir!”  It was great getting into the great promises and examples of worship in 1 Chronicles 15 when David lead the procession of priests and worshippers, King David himself going forth before the arch of the covenant. Then we studied the actual worship in Heaven in Revelation 4:8-11, 5:13, 7: 11-17.

Saturday Feb 4, Triqui encampment,  we loaded new, thick blankets into the truck and onto the roof of the church van.  We loaded bags and boxes of clothes, baby equipment, and toys onto the rook of the church van.  I was called on by Pastor Basilio share some of the hope that we have with the Triqui neighbors who came up to our vans when we arrived. I began sharing how God has greatly blessed our church here in San Quintin, and how we are called to share that blessing with them, our newly arrived neighbors.  I shared how it is better to give than receive, and how we wanted to give to obey Jesus.  I shared how God sees all the suffering in this life. I preached on Apo. 2, how Jesus sees every tear, but those who persevere till the end will receive the crown of Life.  I told the people not to ever think that God has abandoned them, that he sees their deeds and knows all that they do whether in secret or out in the open.  I shared how God always sees where they are and knows how they suffer.  I gave them the hope that God is their Father, if they will only believe on Him who was sent, so I encouraged them to believe on Jesus, God become Man.

Pastor Basilio thanked me and shared with the people a little more about his church and their heart to see people know the Lord and to have the blessings of hearing his Gospel. He asked how many would be like to be sure that they will go to Heaven when they die.  Several Triqui ladies and young people raised their hands, then Pastor Basilio had his son, Basie Jr. lead those people in a prayer to put their belief in Christ, as their Savior.  It was a beautiful moment with many people repeating the words of Basie Jr. When we finished, Pastor Basilio asked everyone to form lines for children and parents.  I went down the line asking the people if they spoke another language besides Spanish.  Most of the moms in line spoke the Triqui Indian language, while coming in second place was the Mixteco language, ten a few who spoke Zapateco, Mixteco Alto, or good old fashioned Spanish.  It was very special for me to get to interact and share the Gospel with people whose tribes I had been studying and hearing about all week at the Baja Bible Institute.  It really was like an answer to prayer, that just a few hours after my last class, I was putting it into use with the Triqui people who have recently migrated to Baja from their tribal lands in Oaxaca.


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