Playas de Andalucia

I’ve been missing my wife like crazy since I had to go on ahead of her to Spain for Residency reasons.  But Adonai has been encouraging me in my work here in Puebla.  Sometimes I find myself vulnerable to being pessimistic about the likelihood of our community of believers here growing.  And I talk to God about it: “Lord, when will things get better?” and He answers me and shows me that there is spiritual life and hope in Puebla yet. 

Thursday, when we have our weekly prayer group and Bible study, I was trying to be hopeful that not all of brethern would be on vacation since so many in Spain take most of July and August off for vacation. Some Thursdays it seems we are only a handful of leaders there for prayer-time. Well I set up 20 chairs just in case, and I was surprised to see that one by one all the chairs got filled up! Then I was encouraged again on Saturday morning when we met in grocery store parking lot for our congregation’s beach day.  I was touched to see one car after another show up.  We had a fun time finding a volleyball pole and setting up Dan’s volleyball net, that he brought just case we could use it.  So we had a great time playing volleyball with the youth, and I could tell many passing by envied the fun we had.  We also spent a good amount of time in the water, and I had fun with our youth there too, letting them use my boogie board and helping them know how to catch the waves.  We also went to a “Chiriguito”, a beach side cafe, where I sat with five native Spanish friends from church.  What abgreat time we had next to the white sands! 

Finally, my last surpirse, was how many people showed up for our thrown together little reception for the 40th anniversary of Dan & Joan!  I was surprised to see more people come to the party than to our weekend services.  These three events reminded me that we do still have life left in Puebla, in fact our congregation is not going anywhere. 

Yesterday Frank took our four teenagers to camp at Manantiales de Vida Camp in Malaga Province, this too, is an answer to prayer, as I asked the Almighty that our youth (who need good fellowship and Bible teaching)  need to go to camp this summer.  Praise Adonai for His faithfulness to answer our prayers! Baruch haShem!


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