Tonight we laughed and ate wonderfully organic farm food on Sara’s grandparent’s farm in Iowa.

Sara's grandparent's farm
This is America!

Yesterday we had a similar time with old friends in Springfield, Missouri and with my aunt and uncle in Greenfield, MO.  What an experience we have had as newlyweds, zigzagging America before we move to Spain.

We started the tour on June 3rd, driving from Ocean Beach, California, up to Vegas.  We stayed with one of my friend’s there, then drove up to our TBM co-worker’s home in Spanish Fork, Utah.  We shared in the Sunday service on June 5th at Grace Bible Church in Old Town Springville, UT, then we trekked to Grand Junction, CO, where we had lots on the deputation agenda!  We stayed with old friends of my family, now like old friends even of Sara’s! Our friend’s lived at the entrance to the Colorado National Monument, so Sara and I got excellent photos climbing the red rocks at Devil’s Kitchen and Cold Shiver’s Point!

Sara & JD Bennett
Are we in Petra?
Can you squeeze in too?

We attended a pastor’s lunch in Grand Junction, that lead to another lunch the next day with a a nice pastor and his wife from Fruita, CO.  Wednesday we were in Frisco, CO at Rocky Mt. Bible Church for the evening Bible Study.  It was good to see our Tentmaker’s staff, Pastor Bruce and former TBM Secretary Kristen.  Sunday Sara and I shared about Spain during Sunday School at Parachute Grace Bible, then  I preached the morning message, entitled “The Shepherd is the Lamb”, taken from Hebrews Chapters: 3,8, & 9. After church Sara and I had to drive through all these crazy accidents on I-70 between Parachute and Glenwood Springs!  There was a truck pulling off road motorcycles that ran into an RV and the RV turned on it’s side, stopping the whole I-70, then after getting passed that, another RV dropped it’s bikes on the Interstate, I watched my TBM Coordinator almost run into the bicycles, then the freeway was stopped for a family chasing after it’s dog that somehow got out on the freeway, so all these trucks almost crashed braking frantically, over some people chasing after their dog! Finally Sara and I had lunch with our Co-workers, Vince & Pat in Glenwood Springs, then we had to drive frantically to Colorado Springs for the 6pm service at another church!  We dragged in very tired that night, at about midnight, to my aunt’s home in Pueblo, CO.

My Aunt Prissy made us a big breakfast and took us to the mysterious Bishop Castle.  I couldn’t believe how wacky this place was! Especially the hand-made signs by the very Mr. Bishop who has built a marvelous, quirky, soaring castle with his own hands.   I have written a book about Spain’s castles, so I do know a bit about historic castles, so Bishop Castle was very amusing as it is still under construction by one determined man!  i HAVE TO POST PICTURES OF THIS PLACE!

This place was spooky and fun! The owners let you climb all over!
Quirky Bishop Castle!

For now here are pix of Garden of the Gods:

Colorado Springs

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