Wedding of the Century!

Wedding Bells! April 30th, Sara and JD were married at Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Diego, California! What words can describe the joy and thrill of all our loved ones converging to celebrate our wedding!  Since Sara and JD both come from missionary families, we had family converge from around the world for our wedding!  How wonderful it was to have Sara’s family come from all corners of the earth, not just Iowa and Minnesota, but from their missionary stations in Senegal, Switzerland, Mexico and Spain! How wonderful it was to have JD’s sister’s whole family from Artajona, Spain come to participate in the wedding! Andrew walked Grammy Elizabeth down the aisle, Avery and Ashton were ringbearers, and Aida and Anelise provided live music on their violins! Dan was a groomsman, and so was Sara’s brother, Salomón, who even played the wedding march!

We’ve been going at a hectic pace since we got engaged last last fall.  Within two weeks of getting engaged, Sara flew with me to the Tentmakers semi-annual board meeting to meet some members of the TBM board. Sara and I had such a beautiful wedding in San Diego, flying the next day to Kauai.  The island was as tropical as we had dreamed, but we got two surprises.  The island is crawling with fighting roosters, complete with mama hens and chicks! The other surprise was that we got tropical rains every time we did an outdoor activity.  We went on a river boat to the Fern Grotto and we got rained on. We took kayak’s up the Wailua River to Secret falls, we got rained on and Very muddy in the jungle! We went snorkeling in Poipu which was amazing, then we got rained on. We had a picnic and hike on the Kalau trail on the N a Pali Coast it was breath taking and we got very wet, rain rain. It just was a rainy week in Kauai.  That’s how they keep it so green. We loved Smith’s Luau, especially since one of the Smith Family member’s blessed the luau dinner in the name of Jesus.  That just made my night, then they danced the night away with bunch a pagan polynesian dances, haha!! No, really it was a great dinner and show.  I just wish I could spend everyday at Smith’s tropical paradise.  The owners were there serving coffee and maitai’s and dismissing tables for the buffet, I was really impressed by the owners.

Just days after we returned to earth from our honeymoon, Sara was interviewed and accepted as a Tentmakers Missionary over Skype, from where we were planning our 2nd wedding reception in Sara’s hometown of San Quintin, México. In Mexico I had a test of manhood.  I had to drive to a ranch in Baja, pick out a poor fatted calf out of the herd, have my Vaquero friend rope the bull, the owner shoot him, then I had to drag the bull behind my truck and help my vaquero friend skin  the bull for our wedding reception. After skinning it and parting it, I carried the huge pieces of meat in tubs in the back of my truck to the San Quintin butcher.  Then from there I drove it to another supermarket, where the owners would keep the steaks refrigerated until the chef came to prepare the meat. So it was lots of hauling. I could keep writing about it.

At our reception in Baja with a few of Sara's first cousins.

Also while in México, Pastor Basilio Nuñez, of Sara’s home church, offered to us the whole service the day after our wedding reception.  It was a blessing to be able to share thoroughly what God has done in our lives, and how we hope to take this message of hope and salvation to the Spaniards and Gypsies of Puebla del Rio, Spain.  I preached from Hebrews 9 & 11, how Messiah was both the High Priest and the Acceptable Sacrificial Lamb, shedding His blood for the forgivness of our sins. Sara made a slide show and we took turns narrating.  It was our third recent service, sharing our call to Spain in a spanish speaking church.  We also were given a spotlight at Shadow Mt. Community Church’s Spanish Service in El Cajon, CA, and at Iglesia Hispana Nueva Vida in Santee, CA. The hard thing is that we have been “go go go!” after each milestone like engagement and wedding. Like giving the message at a 200+ church the day after our wedding reception! In this next week Sara will quit her job at UCSD and we will embark on a journey of faith, and literally go on a journey around the Western U.S. to try to raise support for beginning our ministry together, serving little Puebla Evangelical Church, the only protestant church in Puebla del Rio, Spain. Please pray for Puebla Evangelical Church to be united and ready to collaborate as we have a mission’s team coming from California to help the week before Sara and I get back.  My co-worker is getting permission from the city for us to use the city gym for a sport’s clinic and the town square for a concert. Please pray for the town of Puebla to hear the Gospel and to respond. My co-workers Frank & Salud have worked there over 22 years and it is a hard place to be a missionary, so please pray for our church and this team to come together and to do God’s work.

Sara & JD return to Spain by early July.  The reason why we have to return by then is to not forfeit JD’s Residency Visa that he worked very hard to obtain. We also covet your prayers, that we will be able to turn in all of Sara’s papers at the Spanish Consulate before we leave for Spain.  So as you can imagine, we are trusting God to provide us with enough funds to fly back to Spain, set up home for the first time, and to fly back to pick up Sara’s visa when it is ready (as it is mandatory that she pick it up in person in Los Angeles).  In all, we need to raise about $5,000 in outgoing support to cover our airfare to Spain in July, and also to pick up Sara’s visa and fly back around October.  We will also need outgoing support for placing a deposit on a rental.

All these things have us praying that Adonai our Father will go before us and help us accomplish His will, Sharing the Hope of Christ, our great Mediator and Savior, with the unreached towns of Andalucia, Spain.

Serving with you

Roosters in the Waimea Canyon

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