April 29th Our Wedding Rehearsal.

  On Friday we were set to begin at 5:00 pm at Clairemont Emmanuel, but of course we had to wait for everyone to get in, and even Sara and I had to sort of organize our people and get them migrating to their places.  I had my three nephews from Spain: Andrew, Ashton, and Avery, take out my legs and wrestle me to the ground before I knew what was happening.  I had to play softly with the boys, but one of them, I think Avery, would give me a kick or something that really did hurt, but I had to be careful as I wrestled them off me.  Theboys were happy to have their uncle back.  With out it causing too much of a scene, I think my brother-in-law rescued me from his sons, and we began the breakdown of the ceremony, order of appearance, who walks when, where the groomsmen and I stand.  It went very well considering others I’ve witnessed.  All in all, I can’t complain.  All our padrinos were there, our family, all the wedding party, it was huge.

Comic Relief: After Our Wedding rehearsal was all over, the church door wouldn’t lock.  The pastor had told us to just shut the doors and they would lock by themselves.  Well they didn’t we were trying and trying, everyone tried to help us, so Sara sent  me running after Pastor Hahn’s car to tell him the problem, since she and I needed to run to the restaurant if anyone did.  Well he told us what to do to get it to lock, well even with the key it would lock.  Over 10 minutes passed after the pastor had driven away and Sara and I were stressing out.  Everyone was waiting for us at our rehearsal dinner, and we were playing with the front door of the church and calling and calling different numbers trying to get someone to take charge of the issue.  Finally we got it solved somehow and Sara and I made our grand entrance, sweating and out of breath.  My uncle Scott and Aunt’s Aida and Kathy were there too, and everyone from the picnic the day before, and all the wedding party.  My uncle helped me move some tables to the end so that all 45 people fit!  Sara and I finally sat down to catch our breath, and I had a good appetite when I saw the Chinese food! It was also funny having so many people close to us, all in the same room! There was all kinds of noise coming from our room of the restaurant!

At the end of the rehearsal dinner, I gave my groomsmen all Luchador masks as their “Groomsman gift”.  There were hearty cheers when they saw what I was giving them!  That was a good kick-off for my bachelor party.  I kissed Sara for the last time as fiancé and we had a moment hugging, telling each other good night and how much we loved each other before our big day that was looming in the morning.

After Sara and I kissed one last time, my buddies all crammed in my truck, and some other friends ran over and jumped into Matt Higgin’s car, and we were off to the races! My bachelor party was not the normal “Las Vegas bachelor party”.  We had fun, but it was mostly us having fun in downtown San Diego looking for somewhere to either sing karaoke or to go bowling. We put in our name at one bowling place but they said it would be 90 minutes.  One funny side-note is that Groomsman and my former bass player, Matt Higgins, had a professional camera around his neck when he went into the bathroom at the downtown bowling alley. 

A guy in the bathroom asks Matt:

 “I guess you’re paperazzi?”

 Matt: ‘No”

Because the paporazzi are always chasing me, a lot of people recognize me from the Spiderman movies” 

Matt: “It happens”

exit: Matt from the bathroom.

  We all got a laugh about the desperate for fame guy in the bowling alley, but we didn’t end up staying there, by the way, we just marched around downtown, laughing and enjoying having all the old buddies back together. 

After mid-night, when we took my soon to be brother-in-law home to Ocean Beach, the rest of my groomsmen hung out with me on the Ocean Beach Pier and we had a great time as they gave me both wisdom and wisecracks to keep in mind for my wedding, honeymoon, and marriage. It was pretty neat that all these buddies who have been so important to me at one chapter of my life or another, were all there with me the night before I took the plunge, not the plunge off Ocean Beach Pier, but the plunge into married life.   I was so wowed that all seven of them: Jim, Dan, Salomon, Chad, Matt, Dustin, and Billy, could participate in San Diego! Wow! Super Awesome!  Wedding of the Century!! Bang Bang!!

That's one happy groom

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