Today is my 11 month Anniversary of when Sara and I became a couple.  I think one of the most wonderful parts of our successful relationship, has been that both of our family’s have enthusiastically embraced us.  Sara’s parents, and siblings, and nieces, and grandparents have all exceeded the regular welcome given to a boyfriend. They are deliberately helping me to become a happy part of their family. I hear stories a very different scenarios playing out, so when I see my welcome from the Gonzalez family, I burst into song.  I get emails and gifts from Sara’s family already, just as her fiancee.  Sara’s whole family drove the 7 hours to our church where I was in the Praise band, and then afterwards they came to eat at my mom’s house this summer.  That shows how ready they are to be family. Four times have they beckoned me to their home in Mexico, and made to be at home immediately.  My Love Sara has certainly given all her energy in showing love to my family as well, especially as we have suffered a lot this year.  Sara came all the way to Europe to spend time with my family in Spain before Lisa (my only sibling) went to Heaven.  I’m so astounded that Sara’s family has loved me so much, and I’m also so overjoyed that my sister gave Sara her complete blessing.  Lisa said: “You better marry that girl.”  I will on April 30th, and Lisa’s children and Rita’s children will play a part in the wedding. My two nieces and Sara’s two nieces, will be in the bridal party, as will little 7-year-old Ashton from Spain. Even the wording of the invitation is just how I had ideally dreamt it would be, and on the other end of things, gratefully not how I had feared it could have been years ago before I met Sara.  Just reading: “Dr. and Mrs. Alejandro and Ruth Gonzalez Leon invite you…” makes me happy.  I’m glad that Sara’s family shares heritage from Mexico.  Not just being Mexican, Sara’s family carries the legacy of how Mexico SHOULD be.  They are just the family I always hoped to be joined to.  Now that I have witnessed funeral after funeral in my family, I am so comforted that I have my precious Sara Gonzalez to hold on to, and her lovely family always waiting for us in Baja. 

 There are many more subtle signals that show me that God is with us.  Sara and I have more than enough signals to show us: we are meant to be.  What a joy to have that assurance and trust. I have taken my time in getting married, most my buddies married years ago, I will be 30 on my wedding day.  I made sure not to just “settle” with dating any girl that came along, and I am reaping what was sown, the determination to wait for the Right Woman.  I can’t wait to take my part in the family portrait in San Quintin, Mexico.

  Happy Anniversary Sara 🙂


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