I am very in awe that I have been able to spend time with my sister 3 times since Thanksgiving.  This September, while I was in the U.S., I had this sinking feeling of what if Lisa gets worse and worse.  I had this panicked feeling like I needed to see Lisa and spend time with her, in case she doesn’t ever recover from cancer.  I’m so very relieved now that I had Thanksgiving with her, then when Sara came to see me in early December, I got to take Sara up to meet Lisa.  Lisa said it was wonderful that their time went so well, when sometimes the meeting of furture in-laws can be awkward or even creepy.  I’m so glad that lisa is saying: “You better marry Sara.”  You don’t have to tell me twice 😉 I’m thrilled to have found my soulmate, And to have my big sister’s blessing! I’m also just so happy that out of all this stress on me, the prospect of losing yet another immediate family member, my only sibling, who shares the exact same life-calling, to reach the unreached towns of Spain, in the stress of Lisa in chemo-therpay, I have gotten to hug her, and talk with her, and help her. We played together again for church in tafalla this Sunday. I’m so glad one of our friends, my spanish bank-teller, who is also sick, wanted very much for me to spend Christmas with Lisa, and she helped make it happen.  I’m touched, if I can that with a serious face.  I’m so grateful that I got to see Lisa.  She is such a fighter and is hanging in there. 

 I’m seeing the effects of chemo-therpay on Lisa though.  It’s changed the color of her eyes, it’s made Lisa far too skinny.  Her strength that she had to surf and run camps in 2009 is now zapped by the chemotherapy treatments.  Lisa’s fingers are cracking and were bleeding after she played the piano. It’s very hard for me to see her deteriorating at 37 years old.  If you haven’t already prayed for Lisa to get better better, please pray for her, at least once. 

I can’t face the prospect of losing my only sibling.  Not after losing my dad at 19. Not after losing all my grandparents.  Please pray for Lisa to be restored to health.  Please pray for the cancer in her tailbone to be eaten away by the chemo.  Pray for the cancer to get out of Lisa’s liver.  Pray that the chemo will be successful enough for Lisa to be operated on, to get the cancer out of her liver. 

Pray for all my family, for my mom, for Dan taking care of everyone, for Lisa’s 5 children to be ok.

 I do believe God hears our prayers and sees our tears.  Please pray with me, for Lisa.


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