Being a Messianic Sephardic Jew on my mom’s side, and a Texan Baptist on my dad’s side, some think that I would feel conflicted during the Holidays.  I realize I actually celebrate both with gusto and even solemnity.  I don’t like it when when people say bad things or jokes about Hannukah, especially if back-sliden Christians go after hannukah, because if they had studied the Gospels in the first place, they would see that Jesus, as a Jew, observed Hannukah in Jerusalem.  On December first, since I don’t have a Messianic Jewish Community in Spain (haha)  I set up blue Christmas lights on my balcony here in Spain.  That was my way of observing “Blessed are you, of L-rd our G-d, King of the Universe, who commands us to light the Shamesh. (the middle Hannukah candle)” 

Tomorrow my lovely fiancee will arrive and I’ll get to show her the best of Spain, and I pray she falls in love with Sevilla in winter.  I was shopping for her and my sister’s children today, and there is already a nice Holiday cheer coming over Old Sevilla.

I have a basketball game to play in, in a minute, but this is important.  The Messiah’s Birth in Bethlehem is the most Jewish thing in the world. Born of the Royal line of King David, circumcised on the eighth day, Dedicated in the Temple, teaching in the synagogues, healing the sick at Isaiah 53 promised, taking our punishment as promised, killed by Roman Gentiles (not Jews) and conquering death,  Born is the King of Israel!


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