Thee Jet Setterz

Well I’m finishing up my summer ministry here in Spain.  This week has been especially busy and successful for me.  Wednesday night Puebla Evangelical Church, where I serve, was hopping with young people, Gypsies and Spaniards.  I organized free pizza and ping-pong to give the kids from church, and their friends, something to do in these hot long nights in Andalucia, Spain.   I was really happy that the youth showed up and enjoyed it.  Then Thursday we had a Home Prayer Meeting at the home of nice old Gypsy couple, whose grandsons were there for Pizza night the evening prior. We had a very nice time talking about a passage from Jeremiah.  We spent a good amount of time remembering our brothers and neighbors who are sick, like my sister who is battling colon cancer here in Spain. Friday night we had a Praise Team Class Study, where we studied what it means to be a  music leader in the congregation of the Lord.  Our worship team members also studied some music theory, to help us learn to play better together, as far and rhythmes and harmonies go.  Just now, Saturday, I got together with the praise team members playing tomorrow, and picked out the songs from Sunday Morning and practiced them.  I’m relieved that we went over it now, so that we won’t have to be rushed tomorrow morning, especially since I am the minister giving the message on Sunday morning.  I’m glad that I won’t have to worry about music so much, now that we have it picked out and practiced. Now I can be free to focus on doing a good job preaching from the Word of God.  It will be my last time preaching until I return with my visa in autumn.  I fly back to California next week, where I will be overjoyed to be greeted by my wonderful girlfriend at the airport!  She means so much to me and dominates my thoughts.  It’s been hard to be away from her for 90 days, I see now what military couples our age have to work through, being apart for long stretches of time.  I’m so glad that I have a woman who believes in my work and supports me in what God has called me to do.  “The One who calls you is Faithful, and He will do it.”


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