Today was my turn on the calendar to preach in the church where I serve as one of the ministers.  I was preaching on how the Devil sneaks up on you, when your are the gazelle who strays from the herd when evading a hungry lion or a whole pride of lions.  I reminded our congregants that when you are surrounded by friends and family, it is harder for the devil to strike at you emotionally, physically or spiritually.  It reminded me of the high I am having this July, having played a busy role in 2 of Spain best church run camps, and before that having great evangelism experiences with a team from Tennesee in Sevilla and a team from Texas, distributing pamphlets in Alcala del Rio and Burguillos in Sevilla County.  So in all I had 3 solid weeks a great missionary success to the man power provided by foreign short-term missionary teams, who came to help the full-time missionaries like me!  They didn’t come a minute too soon either.  I had to lift my eyes up to Heaven at some moments during our tremendous camps, to thank God for answering my prayers.  Just days before I had struggled with whether I was spinning the wheels of my youth, living lonely in a town where I hardly know anyone, one the other side of the planet, living on donations.  I understand now that I was being attacked with discourement by our Enemy.  My prayer were literally answered and I had lots of fellowship and more than enough to do during the week within days of me crying out for answers.  Thankyou God for listening to me and giving me tangible answers to prayer, with some great, great friends.  Once again my family was able to pull off a life-changing week of camp at Siete Robles Conference Center, with a little help from my friends!

Cowboy Camp Counselors on the Mirador de Lazkua

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