On Saturday the whole family went to the Pamplona Aquatic Center for my niece´s, swim meet. It was very warm and humid in the huge indoor pool area, so I peeled off my sweaters and felt good while in there. It was when I had to go outside when I started coughing fits. My Mom, other niece & I ate at the food court at La Morea Mall there at the front of Pamplona. Then, after lunch, we went to Old Town Pamplona, Cascua Antigua, to see if any touristy shops were open, so my mom could get postcards for friends. While waiting for the rest of the family, some goofy, Anti-Spanish youth set off fireworks that sounded like explosions, these were threats, especially since they were set off by the Palacio del Gobierno, The Navarran Government´s palace. The explosions were frightening to everyone in Plaza del Castillo, which is Pamplona´s most famous plaza and gathering place, where Ernest Hemingway wrote parts of “The Old Man and the Sea” and “The Sun Also Rises” at Cafe Iruña. My mom & Niece went into Cafe Iruña when the perpetrators, who were obviously up to no good chanting slogans, and some impersonating old-fashioned Spanish Federal Police (Guardia Civil). Later, my sister´s family joined us and luckily there were no more serious explosions.

On Sunday I played guitar with my family at our church plant, Centro Familiar Cristiano in Tafalla. It was nice to play worship again with my sister and her children, for our little congregation in Tafalla. After church, we drove to Pamplona where I got to see guys from the youth group that I ran in Tafalla in 2007-2008. I saw Sebastian, who then was a teenager, and now has a wife and infant! I also saw our friend Alex. Sebas and Alex and I all participated in the Spanish National Gospel Choir at the World´s Fair in Zaragoza, EXPO Zaragoza.  We performed for 16,000 in the EXPO Amphitheatre, it was incredible climax to 6 months of rehearsals in Madrid and Zaragoza, and in our weekly rehearsals that I helped lead for our section of the choir in Pamplona.  Well, about all 80 people at the Evangelical Church of Pamplona knew me.   It was a nice potluck catching up with Alex and meeting people from Brazil and cathching up with everyone from the Pamplona church. It was capped off with a prayer for healing for Lisa, where all 80 people held hands and prayed for my sister Lisa Leatherwood to be healed.

Lisa toca por la ultima vez en el Centro Familiar Cristiano de Tafalla. Enero 2011.

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