At least Cheesy the Spanish Cat came to visit me.Flights on time, made connections, bags came out in the baggage claim in Sevilla. My boss was right there to pick us up at the exit. We enjoyed a great meal with his wife and kids at their home in the Aljarafe of Sevilla. I was falling asleep, got to go back to my apartment at Puebla Evangelical Church. I was Very happy to see my bed, guitar, and well, everything of mine that I had not seen since 2008. I passed out immediately on my bed, and woke up in time to go to Thursday Prayer Meeting downstairs in the chapel. We had a warm time of fellowship & hugs and praying for my sister, then we went back to Frank & Salud´s house for dinner! The next morning, my mother and I left for Madrid, a 5 hour drive from Puebla.
Up we drove in my car, which I hadn´t seen in 16 months. It was relieving to drive my own car, that I´ve been paying on all this time! Up we drove from Sevilla to Ecija, to Cordoba, up into La Mancha, Valdepeñas, Ocaña, then on a belt-loop around Madrid we arrived to our ancestral City, Alcalá! That night mom & I went in the old Jewish Quarter near where Miguel de Cervantes was born. The next morning I was feeling sick as we prepared to leave for Navarra. We got a late start since we ate breakfast in the hotel, and the check-out took forever. Then up we went towards Guadalajara, Sigüenza, At Medinaceli we got off the freeway to take the north- road towards Pamplona. The road had been widened from Medinaceli through Almazan all the way as far as Soria in Castilla Leon. Then, in Soria, we had to change roads towards the old Jewish city of Tarazona, from Tarazona we took the familiar Highway 121, that I lived off of when I lived in Olite, but before Tudela, we got on the 15 Freeway up to Tafalla, and from Tafalla, made our last change in direction, to Artajona.
Once in Artajona, it was considerably colder than in Puebla or even Alcalá. I was already getting sick, and have stayed sick since Saturday. I have a staph infection with bulging tonsils and a raw throat, it hurts just to swallow water. I passed a few sleep-less nights in agony, augmented by the jetlag! Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights were all awful, as I had the chills and would wake up coughing & choking, sometimes causing me to vomit, so I kept a trash can, glass of water, cough medicine, and tissues in feeling distance from my bed. I don´t think it helped that I was disoriented in the dark downstairs bedroom, which is one of the rooms which I was helping to remodel when I went over to Lisa´s house in 2002. It is still stone walls and ancient brick tiles on the floor. It is very cold, being the bottom floor of a 3 story stone house. Tuesday Morning my boss in Sevilla helped me get my health insurance policy number and 800 number so I could call & find out where I could receive treatment. So at around 8:30am, a Spanish man from our church plant in Tafalla took Dan´s van, with me in it, to the hospital. The reason, he had come to get my help moving a sofabed from his sister´s apartment in Pamplona to his apartment in Peralta, 45 minutes south. So he took me first to the Hospital de Navarra, which is where my insurance told me to go for treatment for my staph infection. I got treated, including a shot, and i was given 3 medications. Then, after being discharged, My friend and I went to move a very heavy couch! It was hard work both where we started and where we took it, it was an old sofa bed, and the bed inside the sofa weighed a ton, and I was dizzy, having had several sleepless nights plus a shot at the Hospital!
Right after the sofa episode, my friend took me by the Pharmacy and I easily got all my medicine in a minute, and since then I´v efelt better, though it hasn´t instantly cured me. I spent the rest of this week trying to get as well as I can in the cold 15th century stone wine cellar, while keeping my distance from my poor sister, who can´t come near me with her immune system down from the chemo-therapy.

Pray for my sister to be renewed and healed from her cancer. It has not been an easy or fun visit. Lisa needs your prayers, and God is faithful to answer his children.
until next time, Pray for Spain.


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