So a lot of you have asked me when I will ever get back to my missionary work in Spain, meaning the rest may be curious, about what transpired last week at my long awaited Spanish Consulate meeting. Pilar the consul was very nice & remembered me by name, and wished her love to my sister, when I shared with her that Lisa is suffering from cancer and receiving chemo-therapy in Pamplna, Spain.
So all my papers were at first accepted and even sealed by the Consulate officer, but Pilar called me over to tell me some documents, though valid, could be denied for being issued in September 2009, since they are suppose to all be from 2010. So I’m having some papers re-issued to get the visa. Pilar advised me that once I get them re-turned in & should just go to Spain for 90 days using my Passport, since my “tramites”, my application process will be easily 100 days in Madrid.

So as soon as my papers are resubmitted, which should be April 15th, then I will fly with my mom from LAX to Sevilla, then I will take my Chevrolet, which I have been paying on all year, and drive my mom up to Artajona to see my sister Lisa for 2 weeks. It has been 15 months since I’ve seen Lisa or her family. this has been especially hard, knowing Lisa is battling cancer there in Navarra. She is very brave.
After our 2 week visit, I’ll drive our mom back to Sevilla, where she will fly home to California, then I’ll get back to CHURCH PLANTING! I will take my trusty acoustic-electirc guitar and resume worship leading in Puebla del Rio. I’ll get back on the preaching rotation, I ‘ll get resituated and have families from the church over for dinner, as soon as I can find myself a house or apartment to rent. I’m really looking forward to having my own place to live and opening it to our congregants and other friends who we want to reach with the gospel. That’s why I’ll be there, so that any Spaniard will know: that is a home of a Man of God, and from that home radiates the work of God even in our modern days.


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