“I love the LORD, for He heard my voice, He heard my cry for mercy.” Psalm 116:1

God knows our pain as we live our lives on this painful, fallen earth.  He does pity our calls for mercy, that’s what the Psalmist tells us here in Psalm 116.   As most of you probably know, I’ve been here in America over a year now trying to get my residency visa granted to reside in Spain & I’ve had to try to raise a minimum missionary support of $2,000  a month. If that hasn’t been difficult, dealing with my sister’s cancer has been.  Lisa Leatherwood, also a Missionary of TBM Spain, spent December recovering from an emergency surgery for her cancer, and once strong enough, she began to receive chemotherapy in Pamplona, Spain, to try to eradicate the remaining cancer cells.  Her body had very bad reactions to the first chemotherapy session.  All this has been scary and testing to my whole family.  I thank God that my sister is so strong in her Faith, and she knows her Redeemer can heal her of colon cancer.  I’ve been really touched to know that our Basque & Spanish neighbors in Artajona, Navarra, where Lisa is raising her family, have shown an outpouring of mercy, continually bringing the Leatherwood family food to eat.  This above all has touched me, since one thing I learned living there is that being accepted by the locals in an inland country town of Spain can be difficult, especially in Artajona, but Lisa’s decision to stay in Artajona during her fight against cancer has really made an impression on hard-to-win-over neighbors.  They see clearly now that Lisa is no false, Lisa is the real deal and an authentic member of their close-knit community, whose walls and culture date past the medieval 1100’s.


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