I’ve had interesting times with God recently, asking God about how and why He set up a need to have faith in Jesus Christ. My question wasn’t why Jesus Christ, the question was just how did we get from Eden to organized religion.
God led me to my work. Which right now is translating a tremendous book: Messianic Cristology by Dr. Arnold Fructenbaum. My question was answered promptly in one paragraph. God is so surprising.

Appendix 3, Pg 128″Messiah’s Death according to the Old Testament:
“Redemption became necessary when sin entered the human sphere and separated Man from God. When Adam and Eve committed the first act of disobedience, sin entered and separated them from God. From this point on, the means of bridging the separation of Man from God was the means of blood. This bridging the gap is called redemption. In the history of God’s dealing with his people, the means of redemption was always blood.
The Redemptive element of blood begins to come into the theme of Scripture at the same time sin does, for until sin came, no blood was necessary. We read that just as soon as man is expelled from the Garden of Eden: “Yahweh God made for Adam and his wife coats of skins, and clothed them.” (Gen 3:21)
The skins were animal skins. The nakedness, that the element of sin now revealed, needed to be covered. But the covering required the death of several animals and so, for the first time in history, blood was shed. This provides the root meaning of the Hebrew word “atonement”, which is: a covering.

The necessity of blood was a lesson soon learned by the sons of the first human couple. The time came for both Abel and Cain to bring sacrifices before God. God passed judgment on the two kinds of offerings, that of Cain was rejected and that of Abel was accepted. So a lesson was taught: One cannot approach God by whatever means one chooses. It is man who sinned and offended the Holy God. It is God who must do the forgiving. Therefore, it is not man to choose the means of forgiveness but for God, And God has chosen the means to be Blood.

“Without the shedding of Blood there is no forgiveness of sin.”


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