I can’t believe how fast July has flown by! What a California summer! July 3rd I had my last praise team practice for a while at Iglesia Evangelica Fuente de Vida in Redlands. It went a little bad since we had new praise team members who had trouble following the music and singers who are little green, but it was still special to spend good time with my “hermanos” at Fuente de Vida. Especially since this is the church that I helped found from 2003-2005 before going to work in Spain. So just the fact that there Is a praise team rehearsal is beyond my expectations! July 4th I spent the night in Riverside, CA and drove one of my best friends, Chad, to go celebrate the 4th of July at my friend Jonathon’s house. Well he lived way out in the boondocts, so my buddy was giving me a hard time about having to drive his SUV on a dirt road. We had a great time meeting Jonathon’s family, a very respectable Hispanic family. His father and I hit it off immediately and we would have talked all day if we didn’t have to revert back to speaking English for poor Chad. But Chad had fun lighting firecrackers and getting fresh steak w/ hand made tortillas, and huge hand-packed hamburgers and the best nachos we’ve ever eaten. He had to leave by 3pm to go to an Angel’s game, so after that I went to another party for Fuente de Vida. It was at the home of Rosa and Cecy. These are two single mothers that I brought to church in 2003. In 2004 they made a public profession of their faith in Messiah at the Billy Graham Crusade that I took them to at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. So I’ve grown close, like with family, with these ladies and their daughters. Both Cecy and Rosie are excellent chefs, so I knew when they invited me to come over, and when they told me that there was still lots of food, I knew that I was in for a treat. Well these ladies still live right by the church run after school program where I met them in 2003, Micah House. Micah House is right a residential corner with Silvan Park facing it along 270 degrees, and Silvan Park is one of the most popular parks in the Redlands area to barbeque and to see the 4th of July fireworks, so finding parking was very difficult! There were cars parked illegally all over the usually barren streets by the University of Redlands. Once I finally found parking, the fireworks had already begun and I took my seat on the front lawn with Pastor Alfredo & his wife on one side, and with Frankie and Cecy from church on the other. The college students next door were on the roof of the neighbor’s house drinking and cussing all through the fireworks display from the University,( and when leaving one of these students drove into the fence backing up), so I think Rosie asked me to take out my guitar and to play some praise songs. So I got it out. Cecy & Rosie brought out song candelabras so that I could see the music and we had a nice time singing our Spanish praise songs, my Mexican friends from Fuente de Vida were sure outclassing the American drunks next door. Some of the college students were making fun of our praise songs but me & Frankie gave them a looking over and that shut them up.


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