I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to visit with so many of you, it’s really encouraged me to hold to my calling of planting churches in never before evangelized cities of Spain.  I’m so glad that many of you hope to visit this ministry, if not this summer, at least one day, let’s plan for you to visit me there in 2012!  Spain is still lost and needs your help! Though many think of Spain as a “Christian Country” I have discerned that Matthew 15:6-8 can be rightly applied to the country of Spain:

“You nullify the Word of God for the sake of your Tradition. You hypocrites, Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you: These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far away from me, say the LORD. They worship me in vain; they teachings are but rules taught by men.”

Praise God for the tiny lights of hope for Spain, like for the congregation of Puebla del Rio, (above), who I hope to return to soon.  Once I get back I will be able to get back on the preaching and presiding rotation and will continue leading music on guitar. Please pray that God would raise up more workers for our Points of Mission that I worked in, the church plants of Tafalla and Logroño.  Specifically pray for our youth in Tafalla, Puebla del Rio, and Logroño to find niches in the church where they can be involved and feel included.  I get so worried when I see the children turn to teens then stop coming to church.  We had a very sad case of this happen in Tafalla, and we tried so hard to bring the youth to events, but as teenagers they chose the world over the things of God. Please Pray for Pedro, Belen, Edy, and Jaider to come back to church in Tafalla.  On the bright side, my 13 year old niece, Anelise, has found a youth group for pre-teens that meets about an hour or so away from Artajona, where she has good Christian friends who are also MK’s, she leaves for youth group, “Ejemplos” once a month and takes a friend or two with her from Tafalla.

I’ve been on furlough in California for 5 months now, trying to raise my committed support up to the minimum of $2,000 a month.  This would be to cover my housing, seminary, and salary under the basic budget that I must meet in order to get my religious worker visa through the Federation of Evangelical Entities of Spain (FEREDE) from the Spanish Consulate.  This support would not include rent for a church building, since Puebla Evangelical Church already has members whose tithe covers the rent of our facility, (but I would be tithing to this church, which would help maintain the church. ) The fact that the locals are tithing is an important accomplishment for our TBM team, just like the graduation of Logroño Bible Church in 2008, it is great that the local Spanish population is maintaining their own Evangelical church building, this has been the longed for objective for many evangelical missionaries over the decades, hoping that their church plant on the mission field will become self-sufficient.

March 17th I embarked on a trip to see my Aunt Carolyn and cousins in Missouri, some of these first cousins in Missouri I had never met before, so I’m very thankful that God opened a window of opportunity for me to travel.  Providentially, I was gone the same week as the Publisher that I am working with, Joni Prinjinski.  She is visiting her 90 year old father who is receiving chemo-therapy in Maryland.  So we both had important family visits to make.  Please pray that the Lord will help wrap up the final editing and publication process of my first book: “Walls of Spain”.  I’m hoping that it will help to generate some income to help keep me afloat over seas.  Another blessing related to the Prinjinski’s, is that Mrs. Prinjinski’s son, Sam, has donated some of his new music albums for me to sell when I’m presenting at different gatherings, and Sam wants me keep all the proceeds.  So I have been very blessed by this family that has taken an active interest in my calling to Spain.

Please pray for the bereavement of my family as we received news on March 16th of the passing of my dear uncle, José Eudave Muñoz, 49, who died of sudden heart failure.  José was a lifelong resident of Aguascalientes, Mexico.  Thanks for remembering our grief in prayer, especially for his elderly parents, My great-uncle & great-aunt, Jorge & Trini Eudave Muñoz.

Finally, Please pray for Agua Viva Gospel Choir to bring much glory to God on stage and back stage as they have the honor to perform at the Palace of Congress for Albacete’s 300 Anniversary celebration, on March 21st! They wanted me to sing, but I’m in the U.S.!


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