TBM Prayer and Praise
Huntington Beach, November 20th ’08
Deputation for Spain
Well, to start with Thanksgiving, I’m very grateful for the last 14 months of un-interrupted church planting in Navarra, La Rioja, and Andalucia.
I think this last term has probably been the most fruitful, if for no other reason, I had the 2 previous school years for adaptation, culture shock, after going through the hoops for getting work permits for work visas, getting and registering and smog checking a Spanish car, and a permit to drive it, learning the language, teaching my language, etc. So I consider this last year a clear blessing- in that I got to see the spiritual fruit from prayers and petitions and labors from when I first joined the Leatherwoods and Martinez’ in 2005, and even tangible answers to prayers lifted by them while I was there on missions trips to Navarra in 2002 & 2004. I was blessed to see both church plants in Tafalla and Logroño grow from day 1.
I’m thankful that I got to see our English outreach camps grow from a fledgling-testing the waters venture, into a completely sold out, grandslam ministry to local Spanish, Basque & South American children. I’m still so excited that the Lord has poured out such help on these camps, by means of sending us great short termers every year and also giving the camps faithful local camp staff like Abel & Carla Rosada. Praise God for all the children who put their faith in the blood of Messiah this summer! I’m still so thankful for those 2 weeks!
Finally, I’m grateful to God for His provision to me when I arrived in Puebla del Rio. Since I finished up my tentmaking job in Pamplona on June 16th, I went to Sevilla without a second income, and all my support was spoken for each month with basic bills, so I’m very grateful that God gave La Iglesia Evangelica de La Puebla del Rio (Puebla del Rio Evangelical Church) a studio loft upstairs from the sanctuary, where I could “lay my head” this summer, rent free. Praise God for His Providence; Psalm 116 was so true for me this summer “I love the Lord..He heard my cry…when I was in great need, He saved me.”
For Prayer:
I arrived back November 20th after an unexpected day, waiting in Frankfurt, Germany, and after unexpected hotel & taxi expenses! But my good friends arranged to get me at LAX even after the change in hour and day of arrival, praise God for good friends, one friend also told me he felt lead to loan me use of his second car while I’m here. This is a huge answer to prayer, as I’ve already been able to get around to visit churches & friends.
Please pray for my paperwork to go through smoothly.
First and most importantly I need my new visa through the Spanish Federation of Evangelical Churches to be finished by April 29th, so that I can use my return plane ticket to get back to church planting!
Secondly, please pray that my paperwork to be a substitute teacher in two local Southern California school districts goes through quickly, so that I can be earning tentmaking income, to pay my trips expenses and so that I can bolster my “outgoing expenses fund”, which is currently non-existent!
Also pray for the other TBMer’s who may be short-handed without me there to help them. Please remember the efforts of Dan & Lisa Leatherwood & Elizabeth Alcala Bennett in Tafalla, of the Veldts in Multilva, the Martinez’ in La Rioja, and the Benoit’s and Jairo Mendoza in La Puebla del Rio.
Finally please pray for my support raising efforts in these tough times, that God will go before me and bring me to the right churches and people to speak to, As Moses shouted before the Arc of the covenant:” Arise Oh LORD, and let your enemies be scattered!” If God is for us, who can be against us?


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