Wow! what a summer.
The Spanish National Gospel Choir, Directing the Narnia play in the Urbasa, the street outreaches in Sevilla, it’s been a good summer!

At the World’s Fair in Zaragoza this July, I had the privilege of singing tenor in the biggest Christian concert in Spain’s history. As a member of Coro Gospel Agua Viva, I got to sing with gospel legend’s Richard Smallwood and Vanessa Williams for 15,000! (Photo top right: our Valencia concert) Plus the EXPO concert came on Spanish television July 27th on TVE Channel 2.
This was the sweet fruit enjoyed from rehearsing for hours upon hours, months upon months’s with the gospel choir’s from all the corners of Spain. Even the gospel choir’s from the Spanish island’s like Ibiza, Menorca, and Tenerife had to fly into Madrid and Valencia for rehearsals. I met once a week with the gospel cell from Pamplona, helping them with rehearsals and pronunciation. June 16th I came to Puebla del Rio, in greater Sevilla, in Andalucia, in the southern most corner of Spain. My bedroom in the Puebla Evangelical Church has no air conditioning and it’s 110˚ these days, so, needless to say, it will be easy for me to follow the church policy of living in the church less than 3 months.
Please pray for me to be able to find an affordable apartment in a strategic area, since much of my objective as a church planter is to befriend the neighborhood of the church. Since the support of TBM’s Artajona Project is not stable enough, I´ll have to come home to California this autumn to try to do deputation work.

When I arrived here in Andalucia, I got here just in time for the 20th anniversary of the Puebla church plant, held in the central plaza. I helped set up the stage in the plaza for a Christian band from Cordoba called Blue M. Messo Music Ministry brought the sound equipment to the concert, and later in July, on the other side of Spain, I saw the same Mezzo workers, like soundman Miguel Angel Cano, managing music equipment at the “Gospel Master Class” in Zaragoza the week of my gospel rehearsals. During the anniversary celebrations in Puebla I played praise songs from the stage to the locals in the cafes and I got to teach the hand motions to some gypsy children, who did the motions for the other children as I played the Sunday School songs. Just when I was teaching the motions to “Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord”, many other kids and parents gathered around to watch my three helpers do the motions as I played. It was a blessing for the locals to see their own children interested in worshipping God. For the speaker, we also had one of the Puebla elders, Manolo, preach the gospel. I was so happy that a lifelong native of Puebla gave the salvation message to a plaza full of neighbors who have grown up with him.
Cowboy Camp at Siete Robles was wild, rooting tooting time, climbing the Mirador de Erual, hiking to the Nacedero del Urederra, practicing archery, singing cowboy camp’fire songs. Kid’s learning line dancing and English.
August third through 9th we held our third annual theatre camp at Siete Robles, Galdeano, Navarra. This year we put on Narnia. We had a team of 14 from BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston helping with: stage managing (Emily, Rebeca), acting(Wayne, Mike, Meg, Adam) and set building (Nate Saxe and Wayne Tu), choreography (Donna Smith, Lisa Leatherwood).

During Theatre Camp 8 kids put their faith in Messiah Jesus! Please pray for these young people to be built up spiritually and protected by the Holy Spirit from those who would discourage them in their new found faith. Both camps were acting out what the Bible calls us to do, to show we are Christians by our love and by sharing the salvation message of Jesus dying for our sins, rising again on the third day, defeating death and offering eternal life to sinners. This is what we are trying to proclaim to the ends of the earth, to people who have never heard it clearly explained. In Navarra, in the census of 1970 there were exactly zero non-Catholic Christians. Today the stat has grown to 1 in 4,000 people being affiliated Evangelical Christian churches, Where are you going on your next mission’s trip?


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