My Dear neighbors, Cholos, CBU alum, gardenerS, & Rudeboyz,

As Easter creeps up on us, our Tuesday night prayer meeting at the Logroño church plant has decided to pray for 5 people we each know personally, so that we might be better prepared to witness to and invite our friends to the Resurrection Sunday activities.Our prayer is that the Lord would let us begin to reach La Rioja´s capital one friend at a time.What surprises me about my mission field is that there are so many crosses and graven images of Mary and Jesus all over, but when you bring up Jesus in casual conversations with the locals here they usually look at you like you´re speaking Japanese. Romans 10:14 tells us: “But how shall they ask Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?” Please pray for the Spaniards and Basques of our region to welcome the Word of God and to really Believe in Jesus.

Praise God for new believers at our Tafalla church plant. Elio (at left w/me) began attending our worship service in the beginning of February. Praise God for his fresh excitementabout getting saved!Another new believers is his friend Abel, who has now started bringing his roommate to church!I continue to be surprised at how easy it was to find my nitch out here. The Lord had a my desk full of projects when I got off the plane in July 2005! I praise God for my sister & her family & the Martinez family who were serving here before me, thanks to them I currently have no evenings free: Sunday: Logroño Seminary Class, Monday: Teach English in Ezcaroz, Tuesday: Logroño Evangelism & Prayer Meeting, Wednesday: Teach English in Sangüesa, Thursday: English & Discipleship in Tafalla, Friday: Friday Night Live Youth-Tafalla, Saturday: Logroño Jr.Youth Group.Please continue to pray for Jaider and Chang to trust in Jesus. I have been witnessing to both these guys my age for months now and both are attending the Tafalla church. Jaider is even allowing me to give him a study on the Christian faith after his English class on Thursday nights.I had been witnessing to Chang pretty regularly in his dollar store in Tafalla and had given him tracts in Chinese and a New Testament in Spanish, well he went to visit Barcelona and a Chinese Believer there also witnessed to him & gave Chang a Chinese Bible!

CAMP: We are looking for Believers (lifeguards, surfers, beachbums) interested in helping during our surf camp-last week of June at lovely Hendaye Plage, a fine surfing Beach in South Western France.

In March the Artajona Project had far more expenses than available funds.Please pray for more churches & individuals to partner with this ministry by prayer and support. I still am trying to raise about $800 a month to cover these ministry expenses. I need to return to the US to speak at churches & do deputation, but to keep my teaching contract for next year, which will give me my long awaited residency visa, I must keep on here teaching just 6 hours a week for my company through June. I hope to visit you all in August and September.

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall Trouble or Hardship or Persecution or Famine or Nakedness or Danger or Sword? No in all these things we are More than Conquerors through Him who loved us.” Romans 8:35+37.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers and a huge thank you to those of you who remember me out here, JD


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