Puebla del Rio, Andalucia, Spain
November 1st 2008

Last night, October 31st, we held our second autumn Bible Study which is going to be meeting every Friday night at a different person’s house each time. We had an interesting conversation during the merienda, “tapas time”, about God speaking to people through signs or dreams. We were talking about when God literally answers prayer, not allegorically or generally over a long period, like God has blessed the Puebla church and that’s why it’s still here after being persecuted 20 years. But that’s looking at an answer to prayer over a long period. Then there are cases, like Aurelia, the sister of the pastor’s wife, who was close to the whole church. Well more than one family member has had the same vision of her in a transformed heavenly body, sending specific messages of hope and faith to her family members. The details were so specific, that the pastor’s wife teared up speaking about it last night, and we continued on for a long time, sharing moments in our lives in which God was obviously speaking to us. I had to share mine, since it was just 2 weeks ago, and since my last blog was the crisis, and prayer request. My visa expired in the end of September, meaning I had to leave the country, but I didn’t have any money to buy a plane ticket, much less to buy anything else. The support to my mission project was all spoken for in car bills and apartment utilities, leaving nothing after just a couple days of receiving the check. So I had the burden, a depressing burden, of having to steer through all of October, that is survive, without cash or credit. So I started searching for answers in the Bible about what to do in time of Famine. I read about Elijah hiding out in the country, in the dry riverbed, where the birds brought him meat during the famine of no rain. I read about David, running for his life, going to the caves, and out into nature, sometimes alone, sometimes with followers, and of course we have Messiah Jesus, getting up before dawn to go pray in lonely places. So, since I felt I had a spiritual block in my crowded, tiny, temporary studio apartment, I went to the Donaña National Park, where I often go running, reading, and hiking, and I went to the Dehesa Wildlife Preserve where storks, seagulls, and other birds gather on a nearby lake, Laguna Dehesa. I waited on God there and told him what my problem was, and how it was making me feel. I read Proverbs 1:6 in the Gideons Bible that I carry in my short’s pockets, then I went home and I wrote my previous blog about my need to get home. Moments after sending it out to many of you, to my contacts interested in my work here in Spain, while the email was still sending and on my screen, I got a call from someone, who wanted to know how I was doing financially, knowing I’ve had a hard summer financially. I explained about the email that I was still in the act of sending and this person asked me how much I would need to buy a plane ticket from Sevilla to LAX. I told them, and this week the check came into my bank and I was able to buy my plane ticket. I’m going to pay this person back, of course, especially since it didn’t go through my mission (which would have made it tax deductable). But what it was, was a genuine God moment. I asked God to answer me, and told Him I didnt know how I could wait much longer, and he asked me to step out in faith. I did step out in faith, sending out my email to inform my friends of this crisis, and once I had clicked “send”, God responded to my faith and did answer me.


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